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Astrology refers to the art of studying planets and other celestial objects in order to obtain information about human affairs and gain knowledge about various terrestial events.

Astrology has been widely accepted as an ancient art, although exact date of its origin is not known, it’s origin has been dated back to 2nd BC making it among the most ancient practices known to mankind.

It’s impossible to attach astrology’s origin to a single culture but cultures like- Indians,Chinese and Mayans, are often credited to be one of the first cultures to device astrology.

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Pre Scientific Revolution; Astrology was considered a scholarly tradition along the lines of alchemy,meteorology and astrology.Astrology was so close in academic circles that it was mentioned even in the works of renowned writers like William Shakespeare,Lope De Vega and Calderon De la barca.It was even mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s divine comedy “Dante’s inferno”.

With the onset of scientific revolution, many scholars started questioning the validity of astrology.

Scholars were able to prove on both theoretical and experimental grounds that astrology has no scientific validity and explanatory powers.Astrology thus lost its ground on academic and theoretical levels.This resulted in wide decline of common belief in astrology.In modern world,astrology is now considered a pseudoscience.

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