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Numerology is the study of believed “mystical and divine” relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.It also studies the numerical values of letters in words, name and ideas.It’s often associated with the paranormal,astrology and other divinatory arts.

Numerologist refers to a person who practices numerology and studies numerical patterns and draws pseudoscientifc from the inferences from them.

Esteemed mathematician and philospher Pythagoras believed that mathematical theories had more practicality and actuality than physical concepts.


Numerology has faced a lot of skepticism in modern times.Skeptics argue that numbers alone can not influence a person’s life on divinatory and occult grounds.Many studies have been conducted studying numerology on scientific grounds;none have produced postive results.Thus skeptics consider numerology merely a superstition and a pesudoscience that uses numbers to give the subject a veneer of scientific authority.

Indian numerology is different from traditional western numerology.Unlike traditonal western numerology,Indian Numerology does not assign the number “9” to any letter. Numerologists analyze double digit numbers from 10 to 99.

Numerology has also been an extremely popular plot device in many different medias.Many films and T.V shows have been known to use numerology as a comic relief and sometimes even as main theme to the plot.

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