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Horoscope means a form of geometrical or astrological birth chart representing the positions of Sun, Moon and other celestial objects formed on the basis on a persons date of birth. Etymologically, Sanskrit term for horo is “Hora” and scope is “Shashtra”.
Horoscope is often an astrologer’s interpretation of the position of the sun in western astrology and moon in indian vedic astrology at the time of birth.
Although many people all over the globe believe in horoscope’s accuracy, so  far no scientific studies have supported the accuracy of horoscope.The methods used to make the interpretations in horoscope are widely considered pseudo scientific.

free horoscope

In modern science no known framework interaction of celestial objects can be held responsible for the alleged influence on the life of a person at time of birth.Main theory used to discredit the horoscope is forer effect.
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