Love Marriage Astrology Consultancy

As per the latest cultural trends observed in India, choosing your own life partner has become a common phenomenon. These days’ couples enter into the wedlock only when they feel they are compatible with each other. The decisive factor to select a life partner by a person with the great inclination of love in the marriage which is yet uncertain but more often than not, it materializes to be an additional reasons either infatuation or financial conditions. In this dynamic society finding true love is the rarest thing one can find today; as the bond was actually seen and still remember which happened ages ago. However, to know how it works and what elements are which are involved is because of the planetary transitions and combinations of a guy and a girl which can be chalked out of astrology.

There are few pointers which can help you find out what is the fate of the native in terms of marriage for them. Basically, if we see the lords of 5th, 7th and 9th house are involved which leads attraction and helps in creating the strong bond with each other. Astrologer Shishiir has expertise in making accurate love marriage prediction by date of birth.


In the case of Love Marriage Astrology, the planets which play a vital role are Ketu, Mars, Rahu as well as artistic planets such as Moon, Venus and Mercury also plays a prominent role in generating or bending a couple to set a mindset for entering into lifetime commitment.

Through Mahadasha/Bhukti transits has got the great impact and has to do a lot especially in this kind of cases, this is because the timing of such events is usually placed by them.In most of the cases, it is observed that the involvement of both the Rahu and Moon or even Ketu also gives 90% of assurance to things to turn around.

While if we consider the 5th as well as 7th lords if they are settled anywhere in the chart would give high chances for love marriage to happen in the native’s life. It has been also seen that at times Mars also involves in some ways to 5th or 7th lords and it also happens if lagna and the lagna lord are sitting together on the chart. In the 1,4,7,10 houses if Rahu and Ketu are sitting then it also gives strong indications towards marriage happening in another caste.

The combination of Venus and Mercury in specifics at present in the 5th, 7th or 9th House which would orient or create situations of Love Marriage which has also held strong chances of up to 80%. This kind of planetary situation would make a person highly romantic as well as sensual by nature. And moreover, we have seen if this is occurring in any house, then to it leads to it.

In certain cases Rahu if placed in the Venusian sign which includes the presence of Taurus & Libra. On the other hand Venus also gives higher chances for love marriage to happen for a native but on the same time it would also lead to scandals as well as extramarital if the native is already married. In some cases if Rahu has been placed in the constellation of Venus it would also lead to similar kind of tendencies.

At times because of Chandal Dosh which happens with the combination of Jupiter and Rahu placed in a quadrant. This kind of planetary placement also leads to out of caste marriage, love marriage, or inter-caste marriage. If it is found in the chart the presence of Chandra Chandaal especially in the 5th, 7th, the 9th house then lagna is expected to create a very tragic type of love marriage due to the placement of Saturn or even Mars for that matter.

The combination of Mars in the 5,7, 9 house where lagna is either in 12, 11,3 house would also give strong chances for love marriage to get fixed. All these pointers would surely help to help the couple and the family to make a proper decision for their children as this is a commitment which they are going to make for the life time. Thus it is essential to carefully get the planetary position to check by a learned astrologer who can guide you from time to time when the family is finding the life partner for their children.

This will help you to find a perfect match for your child and also you would be prepared to know will the child would have love marriage or arranged marriage. This will help you to guide and make yourself prepared to do things at right as suggested by the astrologer after studying and understanding the planetary positions. These key pointers would also help you know what time and when it will be suitable. This makes the family prepare the way in advance to do things because the weddings are actually a big affair in India so this would help them to arrange things for their children within the suggested time frame.

Even if we consider the cases of unconventional marriages there are disagreements or quarrels between the couple which is common. The increase in the rate of divorce also shows that even love marriages cannot give assurance of happiness in the marriage. Though, one can see there is the long list of successful and unsuccessful marriages observed in the marriages which are even non-conventional too.

The good side of these unconventional kinds of marriages is that the bride knows the groom well in advance and they both mutually agree with the consent of the families and decide to live in a marital institution happily and be life partners. If we also consider the new age setup in our existing cultural, there are high chances that the generation of this era and upcoming would prefer to choose their life partner of their choice whom they can connect well and also understand each other’s professions.

It is rightly said marriages are made in heaven so now if time to find out who is perfect for you and begin the beautiful journey of life in a lifetime commitment and nestle your own tiny world. Love marriage in India is very common now days. There are many love marriage benefits also. If you want to have successful love marriage you can call the top astrology on phone and seek appointment.